Japanese Classes at TOPIA 

公開日 2022.03.25

更新日 2022.03.29

Japanese Classes at TOPIA

Japanese Class

Japanese Class


TOPIA offers Japanese Classes for foreign nationals residing in Tokushima.
For more information, please see the following:

Japanese Class Information(394KBytes)


Because of loweing Tokushima alert level, we will restart  Japanese classes in person from April.

If you want to join, please come to TOPIA!

 New Schedule! April - September



We also offer childcare services on certain days of the week.
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Tokushima-themed Teaching Resources
(Created by TOPIA under the auspices of the Agency for Cultural Affairs)

We have created teaching resources full of information about Tokushima. Please feel free to download and use our materials.
For more information:

 Published in 2013: Eejyo! Tokushima(4.48MBytes)Eejyo! Tokushima: Map(7.12MBytes)

 Published in 2014: A Year in Tokushima: Events Edition(2.91MBytes)Translated Version(874KBytes)

 Published in 2015: A Year in Tokushima ( Conversation Edition ) English Translation.pdf(13.1MBytes)

 Published in 2016: Colleciton of Tokushima's Japanese Teaching Resources.pdf(14.9MBytes)

 Published in 2017: Colleciton of Tokushima's Japanese Teaching Resources.pdf(35.3MBytes)

 Published in 2018: Colleciton of Tokushima's Japanese Teaching Resources[PDF:22.4MB]

 Published in 2020: Let's study Japanese through videos! (Teaching Materials)


Awa-ben 1: Studies / Foods

Awa-ben 2: Daily Life

Awa-ben 3: Body / Going Out


Onomatopoeia (Cat & Dog Sounds)


Conversation 1: Year’s End / New Year Greetings


Conversation 2: Visiting Someone’s House / Leaving Someone’s House


Conversation 3: Meeting After a Long Time / Apologizing / When Someone Expresses Their Appreciation



Rakugo 1: Toki Udon


Rakugo 2: Chiri Tote Chin


Rakugo 3: Neko no Chawan



Reading 1: Tokushima’s Treasure: Awa Odorit


Reading 2: Manhole Art


Reading 3: Japan: Land of Earthquakes



Folktales 1: The Prophesying Jizo


Folktales 2: Rice from the Mouth of Kannon



Published in 2021:Japanese has many onomatopoeia words such as “ワンワン” and “にこにこ” which are used to express sounds and the state of things. Try to remember and use a bunch of them!


1. The state of something
2. Natural phenomenon

3. Feelings
4. Movements

5. State of one’s health
6. State of one’s body


Japanese Classes at Other Locations

Japanese Classes are also offered in Anan City, Aizumi Town, Yoshinogawa City and Mima City.
For more information, please see the following:

Japanese classes in Tokushima[PDF:1.04MB]


Tokushima International Association



JTM (Tokushima Nihongo Network)




Japanese Salon (For Adults・Every Monday)Japanese Salon(252KBytes)

Japanese Terakoya (For Kids・Every Sunday)Japanese Terakoya(229KBytes)