In-prefecture public organizations

Tokushima Prefectural Government


Municipalities in Tokushima>

 Tokushima City

 Naruto City

 Komatsushima City(Japanese Only)

 Anan City(Japanese Only)

 Yoshinogawa City(Japanese Only)

 Awa City(Japanese Only)

 Mima City

 Miyoshi City

 Katsuura Town(Japanese Only)

 Kamikatsu Town(Japanese Only)

 Sanagochi Village(Japanese Only)

 Ishii Town(Japanese Only)

 Kamiyama Town(Japanese Only)

 Naka Town(Japanese Only)

 Mugi Town(Japanese Only)

 Minami Town(Japanese Only)

 Kaiyo Town(Japanese Only)

 Matsushige Town(Japanese Only)

 Kitajima Town(Japanese Only)

 Aizumi Town(Japanese Only)

 Itano Town(Japanese Only)

 Kamiita Town(Japanese Only)

 Tsurugi Town(Japanese Only)

 Higashimiyoshi Town(Japanese Only)



 The Immigration Bureau of Japan


<Disaster Prevention & Crisis Management>

 ANSHIN Tokushima (Tokushima Prefecture Disaster Prevention & Crisis Management Information)(Japanese Only)

 Tokushima Prefectural Disaster Prevention Center(Japanese Only)


<Labor & Employment>

 Tokushima Regional Labor Bureau(Japanese Only)

 Tokushima Labor Consultation Net(Japanese Only)

 JOB NAVI Tokushima(Japanese Only)


<Human Rights, Children & Women>

 Tokushima District Legal Affairs Bureau, Human Rights Division (Japanese Only)

 Aiport Tokushima(Tokushima Prefectural Human Rights Education & Enlightenment Promotion Center)(Japanese Only)

 Tokiwa Plaza(Tokushima Prefectural Gender Equality Exchange Center - Flair Tokushima)(Japanese Only)

 Tokushima Prefecture Comprehensive Child Care Support Center MIRAI(Japanese Only)


<Medical Services>

 Medical Tokushima(Japanese Only)


Related Organizations

 Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA)

 Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO)

 Council of Local Authorities for International Relations(CLAIR)

 Japan Legal Support Center


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic Missions

 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

 Overseas Safety HP(Japanese Only)

 Japanese Embassies, Consulates, Permanent Missions Overseas

 List of Embassies, Consulates and International Organizations in Japan


In-prefecture International Related Groups

 JTM Tokushima Nihongo Network

 Tokushima International Cooperation(TICO)

 Alliance Francaise de Tokushima(Japanese Only)

 in Kamiyama

 HIROBA International

 Tokushima Overseas Cooperative Association(TOCA)(Japanese Only)

 ※List of international exchange groups in Tokushima(Japanese Only)


Recognized Local International Exchange Associations in the Chugoku & Shikoku Area

 Tottori Prefectural International Exchange Foundation

 Okayama Prefectural International Exchange Foundation

 Shimane International Center

 Hiroshima International Center

 Yamaguchi International Exchange Association

 Kagawa International Exchange Center

 Ehime Prefectural International Association

 Kochi International Association

 Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation


Other Recognized Local International Exchange Associations

 Sendai International Relations Association


Tourism Information

 Japan National Tourism Organization(JNTO)

 Tourism Shikoku(Organization for Promotion of Tourism in Shikoku)

 KANSAI WINDOW(The Foundation for Kansai Region Promotion)


Overseas Study Information

 Japan Association of International Educational Exchange Organizations for High School Students(Japanese Only)

 STUDY in JAPAN - Comprehensive Guide


Working Holiday Information

 Japan Association for Working Holiday Makers


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