Tokushima Prefectural International Exchange Association (TOPIA) would like to create a Tokushima that is open to the world. TOPIA collects information relating to international exchange for your use. We provide support for local international exchange activities and have a venue available for lectures,cultural activities, etc.

Principal Activities

1. Promotion of International Exchange Activities

•Lectures on international exchange

•Cultural understanding seminars

•Summer English Seminar for Junior and Senior High School students

•Exchange activities during Awa Odori

2. Information Centre

•Production of "Awa Life" and "Awa Seikatsu"(English and Chinese newsletters)

•Production of "TOPIA"(Japanese newsletter)

•Administration of the International Exchange Plaza

•Preparation of the TOPIA Homepage

3. Cooperation with other International Associations

•Providing assistance to international associations

•Volunteer Pool

•Japanese Speech Contest for foreigners

•Japanese language classes for foreigners

•Japanese culture tour for foreigners

•Provision of accommodation for Prefectural Overseas Technical Trainees, Cooperative Exchange Trainee and Overseas Student

4. Promoting International Cooperation

•Network of Associations for citizen's of Tokushima residing overseas

•Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer Program

•Support program for Emigrants

•Support program for Emigrant Farmers

5. Other Activities

•Counseling for Foreign Residents

•International Exchange Activities with Brazil

•The JET Programme

•Assistance program for senior citizens returning to Tokushima

•Cooperative Exchange Trainee Program

•Prefectural Overseas Student Scholarship

•Assistance with passport matters

•Providing sightseeing information for foreign tourists