Multicultural Assistance

Daily life consultations

The center provides daily life consultations aimed specifically at foreign residents of Tokushima Prefecture. Please don't hesitate to ask!

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「Help Desk/Telephone Consultation Service」


Japanese Classes

The center holds Japanese classes for foreign residents of Tokushima Prefecture. There is a class with child-minding facilities for those residents bringing young children.

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「Japanese Class Information」


Tokushima Foreigner Support Network Members

 Large numbers of Tokushima residents are registering as "Tokushima Foreigner Support Network Members", and providing voluntary support to foreigners in the Prefecture. Participation in these voluntary activities means the realization of a multicultural prefecture, and the progression of regional international exchange and understanding.

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Tokushima International Friendship Charter

 Tokushima Prefecture established the "Tokushima International Friendship Charter" on March 26th 2008. The charter aims to contribute to international exchange on a national and regional level, and to create a multicultural prefecture where people of all nationalities and ethnicities can live comfortably as a community member, both understanding and respecting cultural differences.

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