28th Universal Cafe ~Tsunagari~

公開日 2024.02.06

English Rakugo  


Date & Time: March 9th (Sat.) 2 PM - 3PM

Where: Tokushima City Showa-cho Community Center 2F (Washitsu)

Performer: OKEICHAN

Fee: Free

Maximum Number of Participants: 20 People (Application Necessary)

TEL: 088-655-0771


English & Simple Japanese Rakugo Performance





Debuting as an English rakugo performer in 2017, she has performed for a variety of groups, including travelers from overseas, short-term study abroad students, and for Japanese high schoolers studying English. She also performs rakugo in simple Japanese for those learning the language, sharing Japan’s traditional comedy culture “rakugo” with the world. In April of 2023, she performed English rakugo at the Sakura Japan Fair held annually in Vancouver, Canada, allowing those outside of Japan to experience the comedy of the country.