2 Days 1 Night Tour Presented by Lower Right Shikoku Tourist Bureau

公開日 2021.01.19

更新日 2021.01.19


The purpose of this tour is to have foreigners actually try foods and activities, and give their opinions about how people from their country would feel about these.

“I think if this was improved then people would enjoy it more…” Through opinions such as these, we hope to make the area a more attractive place for foreign visitors.

Therefore, we hope you will join us and give us your opinions based on your own country’s culture, background, food culture, etc.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the application form and send it to the email below.




Date:Feb. 19th(Fri), 20 th(Sat)2 Days 1 Night

Fee: Free


Number of Participants: 10 (At least 2)

** As we would like to ask your opinions, we ask that you are able to communicate in Japanese to a certain extent. If that is difficult, please participate with someone who is able to do so.


Meeting Place: Tokushima Station or Anan Station

(Before the tour, we will send a map detailing the meeting location.)


Things to Bring:

  1. Passport or Residence Card (This wil be needed to receive the foreigner discount for the Tairyuji Ropeway.)
  2. Something to write with
  3. (If you have) Insurance Card

*The overnight accommodation will provide basic amenities.


Clothing: Clothing that is easy to move around in.


Other (Requests)

  1. Pease write and share your experiences via your personal SNS accounts.
  2. We ask that you fil out a questionnaire after the tour is over.



Person in Charge: Yuto Gotoda

Phone: 0884-70-5880

Cellphone (If you need to get in contact on the day of or if there is an emergency): 090-5274-5661

Email: gotoda@shikokunomigishita.jp



Please fill out the application form and send it to the above email.

2Days 1Night Tour Presented by Lower Right Shikoku Tourist Bureau[PDF:1000KB]

2Days 1Night Tour Presented by Lower Right Shikoku Tourist Bureau(application form)[PDF:196KB]

2Days 1Night Tour Presented by Lower Right Shikoku Tourist Bureau(application form)[XLSX:14.5KB]






Day 1:

9:00 Departure: Tokushima Station

9:50 Departure: Anan Station

10:20: Ryotei Machida

      Yusanbako (traditional lunch boxes of Tokushima) & Battledore Design Activity

      Lunch (special boar meat hotpot and local fish)

12:50: Tairyuji Temple


      Putting on Pilgrim’s Clothing & the Shikoku Henro Walk Experience

JG 4K HDR 徳島 太龍寺 21番札所と遍路道 (史跡) Tokushima Tairyuji and Pilgrim Roads(Historic Site) - YouTube

16:10: Morasuko Mugi – Making Andon (paper-enclosed lanterns)

牟岐あんどんづくり体験 | 【四国・徳島】牟岐町観光協会 (mugi-kankou.com)

17:50: Sabi Katayama Guest House

 Dinner (fresh seafood)

 Overnight Stay                                 

砂美かたやま - YouTube


Day 2:

9:30 Departure: Sabi Katayama (Depart after breakfast)

10:00: Yakuoji Temple

  1. Putting on Pigrim’s Clothing & Shikoku Henro Walk Experience
  2. Copying Sutras
  3. Ajikan Meditation
  4. Lunch (vegetarian cuisine of Buddhist monks)
  5. Specia Worship at the Head Temple

徳島県南散歩VLOG 薬王寺 中華そば藍庵 - YouTube


13:30: Stroll Around Old Japanese-Style Houses in Hiwasa

 Oyado Hiwasa, Sabou Tanihyo, Tannya

四国の右下 徳島県南を満喫! わずか12席のゆったりバス・マイフローラ利用 ミレニアル女子旅 2日間 - YouTube 10:59~


15:30: Roadside Station Hiwasa – Buying Souvenirs


16:35 Arrive: Anan Station


17:30 Arrive: Tokushima Station