Monitor Tour:Tokushima Southern Area

公開日 2020.12.03

更新日 2020.12.03

「The Lower Right part of Shikoku」will conduct 2 trial tours.


1 Trial Tour Naka・Minami

 Date:December 16th(Wed)

 Maximum Number:4people

 Contents:Tairyuji temple(Ropeway・Henro walk)

      Yakuoji temple(Buddhist cuisine・Calligraphy・Ajikan・Special worship・Henro walk)


2 Trial Tour Anan・Mugi

 Date:December 18th(Fri)

   Maximum Number:4people

 Contents:「Ryotei Machida」 Restaurant(Making Yusanbako(traditional lunch box) & battledore・lunch)

      Mugi Nishimata(Charcoal making field trip・Tasting charcoal grilled foods)



※Tairyuji Temple

【4K 太龍寺】四国遍路 第21番札所の紅葉 [Tairyuji Temple] Autumn leaves at Shikoku Pilgrimage No. 21 TOKUSHIMA JAPAN - YouTube


※Yakuoji Temple

《美波町》四国霊場23番札所・薬王寺の特別体験ツアーに参加してきたの巻 | 日刊あわわ (


※Mugi Nishimata (Binchotan Charcoal Making Experience)

【徳島県牟岐町】牟岐町 炭窯のある風景 - YouTube



※Details & Application Information

(募集用・英語)Trial Tour Naka・Minami[PDF:94.9KB]

(募集用・英語)Trial Tour Anan・Mugi[PDF:170KB]

参加者記入表(application form)[PDF:165KB]

参加者記入表(application form)[XLSX:13.9KB]



The purpose of this tour is to make this area attractive to foreign tourists.

Basically you can try some local food and activities, then please give us your impressions. for example,

"People (in  my country of origin)feel~", "If you improve this, people (in my country of origin)would like it more."

So, please join us and give us your opinions considering cultural background and food preference of your country of origin.

When applying, please send an e-mail with an application form attached.