Miyoshi Tour Created by Famous Japanologist Why don't you join us?

公開日 2019.09.26

更新日 2019.09.26


Miyoshi Tour Created by Famous Japanologist

 Why don't you join us?



This year, Miyoshi City is producing a new tour for foreigners. And the famous people, Alex Kerr (Japanologist, East Asia researcher), who wrote the Lost Japan, will make the course and be the guide to introduce the beautiful place to you. Now we need some foreigners, who come from Western countries, to join the tour. Please come to Miyoshi City and join us!


2. INFORMATION about the tour


  October 11th, 2019(Friday) 9:00-17:00

※The start and the ending time may be changed by case.



      You will go to the beautiful undiscovered places in Miyoshi City with Alex Kerr. He will introduce the points in English.


※You will visit some places in Miyoshi City such as,

Oku-Iya Niju Kazurabashi(Double Vine Bridges)

Kakashi-no-Sato(Scarecrow Village)

Ochiai Village(Nationally Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings)

Chiiori Trust

Iya Valley

Gosyo Shrine

Arimiya Shrine etc.


Start and Ending PLACE

  JR Awa-Ikeda station

※The meeting time and the details will be send by e-mail or a phone-call to all participants.



Foreign residents(come from Western countries) of Tokushima Prefecture

※Regardless of age or sex


Tour’s participants: about 3 peoples


FEE: free

※The transportation expenses to the meeting place(JR Awa-Ikeda station) and the lunch money(1,000Yen-1,500Yen)will be paid by yourself.



  Submit your application form by e-mail, mail or fax.



  October 4th, 2019(Friday)

      Applications must be turned in by 17:00.



  〒778-0002  2145-1 Machi, Ikeda Cho, Miyoshi City, Tokushima Pref.

  Miyoshi City Office Tourism Strategy Division(Mr. Tanda)

      TEL:0883-72-7620 FAX:0883-76-0203