We’ve finally finished putting together TOPIA’s very own Japanese language textbook, “Eejo! Tokushima.”

公開日 2014.06.10


                〈この教材は、平成25年度文化庁「生活者としての外国人」のための日本語教育事業の 委託を受けて作成されたものです。〉



This textbook covers many topics about Tokushima and you’ll even have the chance to learn the Tokushima dialect.   


 Are you interested in finding out more about Tokushima’s tourist attractions and their dialect?



 Learn more about Tokushima and enjoy your life here even more! 



  Tokushima Marugoto Chizu.pdf(7.12MBytes)


  Eejo! Tokushima.pdf(4.48MBytes)