公開日 2023.04.21

The National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan introduces cautionary points for common consumer troubles in multiple languages.

Please take a look at the precautions to avoid consumer troubles.


在留外国人向けリーフレット(消費者教育用教材)_国民生活センター (kokusen.go.jp)


Please download the leaflets below for more information.


● Problems with unexpectedly high costs for toilet repairs

If you hastily request toilet repairs from a repair company, you may get into trouble due to an unexpectedly high bill. The following leaflet introduces some urgent procedures you should carry out before requesting repairs, and precautions when using repair services.

Beware of unexpectedly high costs for toilet repairs[PDF:640KB]


● Problems with the purchase of used cars

This leaflet introduces issues after purchasing a used car, ways to solutions, and precautions to avoid troubles.

What to know when purchasing a used vehicle[PDF:350KB]


● Problems with subscription services

This leaflet introduces examples such as "I thought it was just a free trial, but in the end it was a subscription-based purchase", and precautions.

Be wary of "Just Try a Sample" fraud[PDF:858KB]


●Problems with deposits and restoration costs when moving out of a rental apartment

This leaflet introduces examples and precautions related to the return of deposits and restoration costs when moving out of a rental apartment.

Be careful not to get into trouble when moving out of a rented apartment[PDF:488KB]