Caution Against Heatstroke Alert

公開日 2021.07.07

更新日 2021.07.07

Caution Against Heatstroke Alert

Today an alert for “caution against heatstroke” was issued in Tokushima.

Refrain from going outside, turn on your air conditioner, and take proper measures to protect against heatstroke.

You can find more information about these alerts at the link below. (Japanese only) ↓



Blue – Little Worry: Less than 21, Drink fluids as necessary

Light Blue - Precaution: 21~25, Actively drink fluids

Yellow – Caution: 25~28, Proactively take time to rest

Orange – Extreme Caution: 28~31, Refrain from intense exercise

Red- Danger: Over 31, Refrain from exercise


Location Name Translations:

徳島 – Tokushima

穴吹 – Anabuki

池田 – Ikeda

京上 – Kyojo

木頭 – Kito

海陽 – Kaiyo

日和佐 – Hiwasa

蒲生田 – Kamouda