Odoru Takarajima! Tokushima Expo 2014 Opening Event -Autumn Awa Odori-

公開日 2014.09.22


The following event has been organized by the Tokushima Tourism Association:


Enjoy all that Tokushima has to offer at this jam-packed event featuring Tokushima’s cultural tradition with a performance of Awa Odori and Awa Ningyo Joruri Puppet Theater, concerts, food booths, tourism and special local products booths and a fun area for kids!

So come check it out!



1.    When: October 4-5 (Sat-Sun) 10:00-16:00

2.    Where: ASTY Tokushima (Multi-purpose Hall)

3.    Cost: Free (Wheelchair and stroller accessible)

4.    Organizer: Tokushima Tourism Association



 Tokushima Expo  →  ちらし1.pdf(1.03MBytes)