The Tokushima Alert has been Lifted

公開日 2021.10.15

更新日 2021.10.15

The Tokushima Alert has been Lifted




Tokushima Alert Lifted: October 13th, 2021 18:00

1.Thoroughly follow virus prevention measures to protect against variants which spread more easily


  • Even those who have received the vaccine should correctly wear non-woven masks which are highly effective against droplets. You should also thoroughly avoid the 3 C’s (Closed Spaces, Crowded Spaces, Close-contact Settings).
  • Virus protection measures are especially important in close-contact gatherings, such as at work, school, home, etc. Wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, practice coughing etiquette, gargle, and make sure areas are well ventilated!
  • Make use of restaurants and lodging facilities that have “3 stars for corona protection”. 




2.Think carefully about visiting areas where the infection rate is still at a high level!



When going to another prefecture, confirm the infection situation and consult with your friends and family to carefully make the decision to go or not!

Especially in areas that were under a state of emergency or quasi-emergency measures, they have gradually relaxed their requests, so when visiting another prefecture, please check which requests are in place!

For example: What is the state of infections there? Are there any requests for restaurants to shorten business hours? Are there any requests for dining together? If you happen to become sick, who should you contact?


3.Businesses, also follow measures to prevent the spread of infection!


  • Practice rotation work, staggered work hours, telework, online conferences, etc. and continue to keep the level of close interaction of people to a minimum.
  • Thoroughly manage workers health and periodically conduct testing.
  • For restaurants and lodging facilities, actively participate in “3 stars for corona protection” system.


4 . We are conducting the follow initiatives to prevent a resurgence of cases.


  • Measures to prevent clusters at facilities. Conducting PCR tests at facilities where multiple cases have occurred. Testing for students within and outside of the prefecture participating in official club activity tournaments.
  • Periodic PCR testing. Conducting free, periodic PCR testing for restaurants and lodging facilities that are registered to be following guidelines and have a sticker / that are registered with the Tokushima Corona Alert System.
  • Advance PCR testing for those returning to the prefecture. Conducting free PCR testing in advance for those who, due to unavoidable circumstances, or students from outside the prefecture, are returning to the prefecture. (Until the end of the year)
  • Strengthening investigations into the flow of people. Conducting detailed investigations into the flow of people around business districts and major tourist locations to get a better grasp on the flow of people from outside the prefecture. *Better grasp on the increase of people from across the country at all areas of the prefecture.