Tokushima Alert - Infection Watch: Caution (Lowest Level)

公開日 2021.07.13

更新日 2021.07.13

Tokushima Alert - Infection Watch: Caution (Lowest Level)


Date of Alert: July 11, 2021 18:00


Until August 22nd: Early Warning Period for the 5th Wave

Take caution against the Delta variant and increases in the flow of people during summer break and Obon!


1. Take further caution to prevent the spread of the virus.

                To the people of Tokushima,

  • Be prudent when making the decision to travel to other prefectures.
  • Avoid not only the 3 C’s (closed spaces, crowded places, close-contact settings), but also situations where either 2 or 1 of these conditions are present.
  • Practice basic virus prevention measures (wearing a mask, practicing coughing etiquette, gargling, washing your hands, using hand sanitizer, and refraining from speaking in a large voice).
  • Make use of restaurants and lodging facilities that have “three stars for COVID-19 protection”. 

   ⅰ. Sticker showing that they are following guidelines put in place.

   ⅱ. Sticker showing that they are cooperating with PCR monitoring guidelines.

   ⅲ. Tokushima Corona Alert System                                                                                                 




                  To businesses in Tokushima,

  • Refrain from the usage of karaoke-related facilities at restaurants
  • Make certain that your employees are in good health.
  • Cooperate with period testing. Promote telework and keep those coming in for work/business trips to a minimum.



2.Refrain from visiting the below areas.


State of Emergency

Until August 22nd: Tokyo, Okinawa


Quasi-emergency Measures

Until August 22nd:

* Areas designated in the below prefectures by each prefecture’s governor.

Please refer to each prefecture’s website for the latest information.

Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Osaka


When visiting areas other than those listed above, please consult with your friends and family and carefully make the decision on whether to travel or not.

For those who are returning to Tokushima due to unavoidable circumstances, please make use of Tokushima’s advance PCR testing system.



 3.We are conducting the following initiatives during the “Early Warning Period for the 5th WaveStrengthening investigations into the fow of people. (Conducting detailed investigations into the flow of people around business districts and major tourist locations to get a better grasp on the flow of people from outside the prefecture.)

  • Advance PCR testing for those returning to the prefecture. (Conducting free PCR testing in advance for those who, due to unavoidabe circumstances, are returning to the prefecture.)
  • Periodic PCR testing. (Conducting free, periodic PCR testing for restaurants and odging facilities that are registered to be folowing guidelines and have a sticker / that are registered with the Tokushima Corona Alert System.)
  • Monitor testing for the whoe area. (Conducting PCR testing at schools, businesses, etc. when multiple cases occur.)