Information Regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine

公開日 2021.04.23

更新日 2021.04.23

~A Notice from Tokushima Prefecture~


Information Regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine


The COVID-19 vaccine has the benefits of preventing the onset of symptoms and reducing your risk of becoming seriously ill. However, there have been reports of side effects occurring. Please make your decision after you are well informed with correct information.



Who is Eligible for the Vaccine

Those who are 16 or older on the day of the vaccination are eligible to receive the vaccine.


Those who are pregnant/breastfeeding are able to receive the vaccine, however, they should consult with their family doctor.



Vaccine Doses & Cost

The Pfizer vaccine, which is currently being supplied in Japan, requires 2 doses that are 3 weeks apart.


You can receive the vaccine free of charge.


About the Vaccine’s Effectiveness

The COVID-19 vaccine has been confirmed to prevent the onset of symptoms.

It has been reported that the Pfizer vaccine has a 95% effectiveness for preventing the onset of symptoms.



About Side Effects

In general, there is a possibility of side effects occurring after receiving a vaccine.


Pain at the site of injection, a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, and fatigue/tiredness have been reported from those who received the Pfizer vaccine.


Staff will be present at the vaccination sites. After receiving your vaccination, you will wait for 15~30 minutes at the vaccination site and watch your health for any side effects.



When and Where to Receive the Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccinations have begun while giving priority to medical personnel. The next groups to receive the vaccination will be:

  • The elderly (Those born before April 1st, 1957)
  • Those with underlying conditions
  • Staff who work at facilities for the elderly

Afterwards, vaccinations will be open to the general public.

Please wait until it is your turn to receive the vaccine.



For more specific information about dates/times and vaccination locations, please refer to the COVID-19 Vaccination General Information Site “Corona Vaccine Navi”

or the website of your local municipality.



Vaccination Injury Relief System

In the event that injury occurs as a result of vaccination, there is a relief system in place under the Preventative Vaccination Law. For more information about the procedures, please contact your local municipality.


Tokushima Prefecture Special Consultation Call Center for Inquiries Regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine

(Open 24 hours including Saturday, Sunday, and holidays)


Please contact this call center if you suspect you are experiencing side effects after receiving the vaccine.

A nurse or public health nurse will be available 24 hours to answer your call.

Phone Number: 0120-808-308 (Toll-free)

Fax: 0120-939-412 (Toll-free)