LED Valley Tokushima

 December 2005 saw the birth of the Tokushima Prefecture's “LED Valley Vision” - an accumulation of LED-related talent, from research facilities to factories, with the goal of an industrial hub at its heart. The LED Valley Vision is constantly working towards the further nurture of highly skilled workers, ground breaking technology, and research and  development in the field of LEDs - the light of the 21st century.

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Tokushima Health and Medicine Cluster

 Here in Tokushima we are working towards the establishment of a world-class clinical and research cluster for diabetes.

 Research departments and clinical departments are collaborating, as seen at Tokushima University's Diabetes Therapeutics and Research Center, and a comprehensive and systematic approach to research is continually being fostered.

 We are also striving to facilitate the strategic commercialization of research outcomes in order to create a wide range of healthcare industries, including testing and diagnostic devices, foods, pharmaceutical materials, and related healthcare services.

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Support for Company Investment

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Information on Agriculture, Forestry and Marine Produce

 Blessed by nature, Tokushima is a treasure trove of agriculture,forestry and marine produce. Please look here for an introduction to Tokushima’s best livestock and agricultural and marine produce.