What to do During a Ballistic Missile Attack



What to do During a Ballistic Missile Attack


A ballistic missile has the possibility of falling in less than 10 minutes from when it is set off. When there is a possibility that the missile will fall in Japan, J-Alert, emergency information sent instantaneously, will be sent out, the emergency broadcast system will play a siren and send out a message, and people will be notified of emergency information through an emergency alert mobile text message.


1) Evacuate immediately

2) Collect accurate information in a timely manner

Follow the instructions of the government, stay calm, and take action.


An Example of a J-Alert in Romanized Japanese:

Tadachi ni hinan. Tadachi ni hinan. Tadachi ni ganjou na tatemono ya chika ni hinan shite kudasai. Misairu ga rakka suru kanousei ga arimasu. Tadachi ni hinan shite kudasai.

(English: Evacuate immediately. Evacuate immediately. Evacuate to a basement/underground area or a robust building structure immediately. There is a possibility that a missile will hit. Evacuate immediately.)


When you receive this message, stay calm and take action immediately.


If you are indoors: Evacuate to a robust building structure or underground.

(Underground: Underground shopping arcade, underground train station, and other underground facilities)

If there are no buildings: Duck and take cover or lay face down to the ground and protect yourself.

If you are indoors: Stay away from the windows or move to a room with no windows.


If the missile hits ground nearby

 Outdoors: Cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief, leave the area immediately, and evacuate to a sealed indoor area or a windward area.

Indoors: Turn off any ventilation fan, close the window, be aware and keep the room shut tight.



(Reference: http://www.kokuminhogo.go.jp/pdf/290421koudou2.pdf